Swarovski Optik OpenAPI Documentation

Welcome to the Swarovski Optik OpenAPI Documentation. Here you will find all the materials to understand, learn and build applications that connect to the AX Visio.

Quick-Start Guide

The following steps are a quick-start guide to build an Android Application:

  1. Get a working Android Application Developement Setup, own your personal computer. E.g., you need to install AndroidStudio.
  2. Go to Github and clone the openapi-developer-example-app repository.
  3. Read the README.md and add your API key, that you have received from Swarovski Optik, to the gradle project files.
  4. Build, deploy and run the application with Android Studio on your smartphone.
  5. Follow the instructions on the application's screen. It walks you through the steps to connect your smartphone to the AX Visio and start the OpenAPI Inside application.

Congratulations! You have built your first Android Application that uses the OpenAPI of the AX Visio.

This was a very short and very brief step by step guide. You find a more detailed tutorial here: Using the example application

More documentation

Apart from the quick-start guide this website contains a lot more documentation. On the left side, you see the navigation menu. It contains an explanations section. There, you can learn and understand more about the concepts and functionalities.

The tutorials section contains detailed step-by-step guides to walk you through the process of building and using the example application and requesting an API key.

The How-To guides sections cover in-depth topics to achieve various goals.

And last but not least, the references section contains information and reference material that should help you while you are implementing your own application ideas.


If you want to start developing Android applications for the AX Visio using the OpenAPI, you need a AX Visio binocular. There is currently no emulator or sandbox to start development right away on your personal computer.

Please contact developers@swarovskoptik.com for the possibility of development devices.


If you have any further questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us. Just email developers@swarovskoptik.com. We are looking forward to trying out your app with the AX Visio.

Documentation in an early stage

The OpenAPI documentation is in an early stage. There is a lot of potential for improvement. If you have suggestions or feedback, just contact us. We will try to provide the additional material and updates in a timely manner.